Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I DID GET STARTED!!! And 8 months is still better than NEVER!

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Note on complexity: Because of the multiple programs some members may find the JSS member area complex. Please regard navigating the JSS member area as a learning exercise, particularly to learn to overcome obstacles and to not give up too easily. To the extent that you improve your ability to overcome obstacles, you'll become more successful in life generally. For a video on how to fund your JSS account and buy JSS-Tripler positions, Click Here. You can also ask for guidance in our Daily Webinars. If you persist you'll suddenly find that the navigation becomes very simple and easy.
We recommend that new members start off by only learning about JSS-Tripler and ignoring most of the rest. Once you're familiar with JSS-Tripler, you can tackle JBP's Synergy Surf (JSS) next.

Unsolicited Testimonials
Related to Complexity

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you for creating such an incredible system. I've seen your site a lot over the past several months and even signed up free to check it out. It was confusing with all the different options and sections.
That confusion led me away... instead of taking the time to read and re-read again until I got it straight. I finally did get it... a bit... and have made my first few investments... as of today I am earning $7/day.
If anyone else is thinking about JBP, they should just jump in, the water is fine.
I unfortunately did not and instead went with the easy to understand HYIPs online and time and again lost money. Money that would be earning me (as of 10/31/2011) $100 per day with JPB!
Instead, fear of the unknown and the lack of motivation to overcome the confusion cost me that money, plus my $100 per day mark has now been pushedto May of 2012.
So instead of persevering and making $100/day on my way to retiring... I'm still struggling paycheck to paycheck and having to wait 8 more months.
But... I DID GET STARTED!!! And 8 months is still better than NEVER! | Free Opt-In Email System
I have to say also, it is exciting to log in every day and see that there is more money in my account. Also to know that I can let it grow without having to withdraw it in fear of the program closing without notice.
-- Bill R.

Cara Membeli " Posisi " di JSS Tripler

Setelah anda melakukan " langkah - 1 " yaitu telah mengupgrade keanggotaan sebesar $15, maka langkah selanjutnya adalah membeli "posisi" , dimana harga setiap posisi adalah $10. Sangat disarankan membeli minimal 4 posisi sebesar $40, karena setiap kelipatan 4 posisi yang sudah 75 hari / matang / mature akan mendapatkan 1 posisi matrix 2x2 di JustBeenPaid dan jika sudah cycler maka akan mendapatkan $60 ( 150% lagi ). Tapi ini hanya khusus bagi upgrade member.

 A. Step 1 - Mengisi Dana JSS Account ( via Alerpay, Liberty )
 B. Step 2 - Mentransfer Dana JSS Account  Ke JSS Tripler Account.
 C. Step 3 - Membeli Posisi seharga $10/posisi 

Silahkan anda ikuti step - step langahnya dan pastikan sudah memiliki akun AlertPay atau Liberty Reserve dan memiliki dana / saldo AlertPay / Liberty Reserve. ( Pembelian posisi sudah bisa via Liberty Reserve ).

Berikut Cara Membeli Posisi di JSS Tripler dengan AlertPay ( jika anda menggunakan LR, silahkan sesuaikan dengan LR )

A. Step 1 - Mengisi Dana JSS Account via ALERTPAY, caranya :

1. Silahkan anda login dulu ke JSSTripler sesuai dengan username dan password saat daftar.

2. Klik " JSSTripler

3. Kemudian klik "Enter the JSS-Tripler Member Area"

4. Pilih step 1 "Fund JSS Account"

5.  Pada fund your JSS Account tulis Jumlah dollar yang akan anda gunakan beli posisi, misalnya 100 lalu klik Proceed to Fund My Account.

6. Klik tombol AlertPay

7. Login ke AlertPay anda, kemudian Review, masukkan transaction PIN dan klik "Confirm & Proceed"

8. Selamat Funding Dollar ke JSS Account berhasil , Klik tab "JSS Tripler Member Area" kembali

B. Step 2 - Mentrasfer Dana JSS Account ke JSS Tripler account

1. Kemudian pilih Step 2. "Transfer Funds from JSS Account to JSS Tripler account

2. Masukkan jumlah dollar utk beli posisi, lalu klik Transfer from Main JSS Account

3. Klik "Fund My JSS Tripler Account "dan JSS Tripler anda sudah terisi.

4. Selamat funding $100 ke JSS Tripler berhasil , Klik tab "JSS Tripler Member Area" kembali 

Step 3Membeli Posisi JSS Tripler ( saran saya kelipatan $40, $80, $120..dst )

1. Pilih Step 3. "Buy JSS Tripler positions"

2. Harga tiap posisi $10, dengan $100 maka anda dapat membeli 10 posisi. Masukkan 10 pada kotak yang disediakan lalu klik "Proceed with My Order"

3. Klik "Yes Confirm My Purchase"

4. Selamat anda telah berhasil membeli Posisi di JSS Tripler

SELAMAT - Mulai besok pukul 18.00 WIB anda sudah profit pasti 2 %
perhari selama 75 hari Dengan penghasilan total 150 %
dan tambahan 150% bila Anda sudah upgrade ( langkah - 1 )
Minimal Withdraw ke Alertpay $20
Berikut ada 2 step cara witdraw yang anda harus lakukan :

A. Step 1 - Trasnfer dari JSS-Tripler ke JSS

1. Login ke member area anda sesuai username dan password.

2. Klik pada "JSS Tripler

3. Klik "Enter JSS-Tripler Member Area

4. Klik Financial

5. Klik "Proceed to Transfer Funds"

6. Klik "Start My Withdrawal  Request" dan masukkan jumlah yang ingin ditarik.
7. Review, dan klik "Yes Process this transfer" 

B. Step 2 - JSS account Withdraw ke AlertPay

1. Klik Disini untuk login ke member area
2. Klik "JSS"

3. Klik pada "Click here..."
4. Pilih "JBP's Synergy Surf ( JSS )"
5. Klik "Enter the JSS member area"
6. Klik "Financial"
7. Arahkan scroll ke bawah dan klik "Request withdrawal of Funds
8.  Klik "Start Withdrawal Request
9. Masukkan jumlah yang akan ditarik dan klik submit 
10. Review, dan klik "Yes Process my Withdraw

11. Permintaan Withdraw anda dalam proses, tunggu maksimal 2x24 jam 

Silahkan anda
Tunggu Maksimal 2x24 jam - biasanya 7 jam


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